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I’m Alan, I make YouTube videos on Technology and Productivity, Data Governance Strategist,¬† & Website Design & Marketing Consultant

On this journey, we share our discovery of frameworks and tools that help live happier, healthier and more value optimized lives.

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Latest Articles

How to get clients – How Gym Leads Fast does it

Let’s take a deep dive as this one agency owner is dominating the fitness niche — and even captured some gym leads here in Evans GA. Last week, I made a funnel hack for my Facebook Group on a Funnel Hack of Andrew, who sent me ads on how he could help...

My top Study Hacks and Study Tips 2019 edition

Whats going on readers! I wanted to focus on today’s subject on some concepts that I have been testing in my life as I streamline my processes in my life to become more effective for running my business. I have been thinking about what value I can add to my...