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3 things every NOOBIE Marketer should know – SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING

3 things every NOOBIE Marketer should know - SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING

I just discovered this book Scientfic Advertising almost 5 years after starting my digital marketing journey. After reading the book (PDF Here) I was so blown away by the concise explanations of the material that I had to make a video and had to write an article to get you up to speed on Marketing 101s for your business.

After diving deep in into the data and technology, I am returning to the roots of Marketing with my 3 Tips you should know about marketing based on the insights I learned from this book. – Scientific Advertising by Claude C. HopkinsBook Cover for Scientific Advertising

1 – Always work with LAWS

As explained up in Chapter 1 of the book, you must develop Advertising Laws for yourself and for your own business. There are principals and laws that Claude writes in this book that are based on YEARS of experiments and testing. Claude provides examples of various split tests that his agency had run by utilizing repeated tests. He refers to them as keyd advertising and traced returns that were tracked by coupons.

In todays world, the best way to utilize the existing technology is to implement website analytics, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels, so that you can track and measure all aspects of your marketing campaigns. I find it humbling to read a book about advertising written in 1923 and find the same principals that I have discovered be utilized by Claude back in the day.

Men were guided by whims and fancies – vargrant changing breezes. They rarely arrived at their port. When they did, quite by accident, it was by a long roundabout course

Something I stress to you is to not be like the business owners and MYSELF back in the day. Believing that an idea will work just because I thought of it. It’s amazing the amount of testing and FREE ADVERTISING we can collect data on which can help us improve on our processes and get feedback to which our efforts are placed.

Back then, they would have to write copy and have it printed in the newspaper to advertise for a business. After that month’s print, they would have to manually count and tally up the cut out coupons to track which ads worked and which angles worked. Today, we have the luxury of just hitting the duplicate button on Facebook and changing who we send the ad to, and even what headline we can test and see works for the customer.

Always establish your marketing expertise through testing and validation, never by wishful thinking.

Offer a service

If you are not providing value or a service to the customer with your product, you are pretty much-giving money away to the advertising platform. Claude stresses the importance that ads do not ask people to buy. They offer information to the user, advantages that the user will gain by utilizing the product or service.

I like some of the angles that Claude provides that still hold true to this day. One example he uses utilizing coffee. In the example, the marketer drops half a pound of coffee for the prospect to demo and states he will come back in a week to see how you liked it. It is important that he states when he comes back, he doesn’t ask for an order, but explains he wants the prospect to have a fine utensil.  If they liked the coffee, he will give the user credit until they have paid for the utensil.

Elaborating on this, and how I can reflect on this in modern times, we can see several angles at play here. One psychology angle is giving something useful (coffee) as a trip-wire to come in later and sell. You see this all the time online with lead magnets – information packaged in a way that can help the user with XYZ.

So something you can leverage for today’s services is a Zoom Conference call or consultation session – in which you would walk through a particular part that the prospect has problems with. As an agency owner, most of our leads come from offering to walk through the clients Funnel Process (Kartra or ClickFunnels) or auditing their Facebook Ads angles.


If you are going to read one chapter to understand the mindset that should be applied to marketing and throughout your life, it should be Chapter 4. I love the quote Claude uses: “False theories melt away like snowflakes in the sun.” This is when its time to put your money where your mouth is and test what works and what doesn’t work

I believe it is important to see the opportunity one has to generate business for themselves or their client by being able to rapidly prototype angles or products with soft launches of the product. In 1920, to get feedback on an ad would take anywhere from 1 to 2 months, as you would need to wait for the print to happen, be distributed, wait for the coupons to be leveraged then track each one by hand.

Today we have the luxury to just run an ad set, send it to people and check the analytics at the end of the day. If we want to change something, just duplicate the ad set and change the text. No more waiting for print, instant results to analyze.

Putting it all together – Scientific Advertising

My advice if you are just starting out and reading books and courses and watching Youtube videos is to just get started testing with small budgets. Test utilizing $5 ad spends a day, or $25 and spend a week and see what angles from the book or that you have thought of work. If you do not have a budget, the internet gives you free marketing with Facebook Groups, Youtube videos to comment on, and other free sources. (Gary V’s Two cent strategy — works on Instagram and Youtube and Facebook)

There will be a lot of LAWS that books and people state online, but my view of it is that everything is just a theory until you test it out yourself. Once you start seeing what actually works for YOUR AUDIENCE, then you can begin to take ownership of what worked and how to leverage those angles in the future. Every opportunity is feedback for you to build upon and create successful marketing campaigns for yourself or for your clients.

Really, just thinking of the name of the book — Scientific Advertising I think about the Scientific Method, in which you would come up with a Hypothesis, then set up a method for testing it then come up with conclusions based on your finding. It’s the simplest way to implement and think about it for your own marketing campaigns. I find that most of the time, lots of people are guilty of not tracking the hypothesis or collecting data. What’s even worse, is I have found that business owners (myself included) will have the data but either won’t spend time to look at the data or see the data but ignore the obvious signs of what is working or what ISNT WORKING.

Video Review – Scientific Advertising

Here is a video review that I shared with my Facebook Group – Digital Marketing Ballers

If you are interested in hopping on Live Facebook calls to ask questions or if you would like to have your business ad’s or marketing services reviewed – feel free to connect with me on that Facebook Group! It’s geared towards Basketball clients, but I focus on fitness and holistic health brands as well. My thought is that if it can work for a very specific niche, such as NBA Basketball Trainers, it can work for broader angles and you can implement these strategies today!

Don’t be a strange come say hey!

Also if you notice something I have done which the book Scientific Advertising recommends. I offered a service –  I will review your ad’s or your marketing structure. I split test this, I created a video version that I posted to my group, then I wrote this written article and tied it together. I also uploaded it on Youtube to further split test which marketing channels will produce clicks for my current product – The Baller Group.

Hope to see you implement some of these angles for your own business!