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About Me

Whats up my DreamHackers. Its your boy, Alan Nafarrete, and I wanted to say thanks for those of you following me on this adventure as I record everything going on in my life on blog.

If you have been following me on my YouTube Channel or my Instagram, I am a living a pretty chill life. I get to travel, play basketball, record videos with my friends, play music and most importantly – help out fellow entrepreneurs and businesses grow!

But it didn’t always start like that, I grew up in the small town of Augusta GA, followed my parents advice of just studying hard and get into Med School or get a good job – but something felt off following the beaten path. I worked as a Business Intelligence consultant where I got to work with top brands and businesses utilize data analytics and it dawned on me that everyone else should be doing the same thing!

So after 5 years working corporate and in the rat race, I took the entrepreneurial plunge and never looked back! One of the biggest things that helped me in my journey was connecting with the right people and being inspired by others to put myself out there and try something new! I was fortunate enough to find mentors and connect with cool people to create business and online products that allowed me to escape the 9-5 rat race. I hope this blog serves as an inspiration to others who are looking for ways to monetize your Passions and turn them into an income. I have been blessed to connect with various clients and people who are making money in ways I never thought were possible 10 years ago.

I am a firm believer that success leaves clues. If you want to start on your path to success then make sure to click the Start Here Link Above