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GET EASY CASH as a Social Media Analyst – 3 Hacks

Don’t miss out on this HUGE WAVE to get paid in the lucrative field of Social Media

YO! Alan here!

I want to help you guys get that extra income and give you the confidence and tools you need to live your best life. I have been helping people find ways to make NEW MONEY in today’s climate for the past 10 years, by testing and trying EVERYTHING I COULD to see what I liked and what I didn’t like doing. If you are new to me, here are a couple things about me that if you resonate at all with, keep reading – otherwise you can skip

  • I like basketball
  • I find Data interesting
  • I’m a big fan of self – improvement (because I thought something was wrong with me for being lazy)
  • I quit my 6 figure job to chase JOY

So, thats about all you need to know about me from a 2019 version updated resume standpoint. I worked corporate for a long time, chased bags, chased the travel life, and now run a Marketing Agency based in Atlanta GA.

In all the random shit I’ve tried, I wanted to share with you perhaps the most lucrative field to be in that WILL bring you Financial Freedom by just stealing my hacks and shortcuts. ITS SOCIAL MEDIA, and if you position yourself right, you can make $500 to $1000 a month with prob about 1 hour work a month.

This isn’t B.S. People will pay for this shit, cuz I’ve tested it. (IVE TESTED ALOT OF SHIT. I’ve done forex, crypto  – built my own rig and did cyrpto trading, consulting, programing, iOS coding, ran clubs, advisors for businesses…. and this is perhaps the GOLDEN TICKET)



Ok, lets get real. I used to be a Business Intelligence Consultant, and in my tenure there, I got to speak with CMO and CIO (C-Suite level business owners) about why the fuck they paid money for reporting.

The answer was simple : BECOME THE GREATEST Social Media Analyst


They were BOUGHT IN that if they could see what the fuck their business was doing, they could find issues and move forward from there and fix their shit.

So what is the ONE THING that everyone has that you could provide insight into……………… WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA

So to save you time I’m just going to cut to the chase (finally) and here are the tools I use – Social Media Analyst Hack 1

Social Media Analyst Reportz

Just use this web app trust me. I’ve been paying monthly for it. If you are good at referring, you can get 3 dashboards with their referral program.


Ok. So let me just set the groundwork. When I worked as a BI Consultant – they charged me $350 an hour for these top business to pay me for easy ass reports to make. I am telling you if you want to use that story or not, it’s on my resume so I say it with straight conviction – IF YOU LEVERAGE YOUR PAST YOU CAN GET PAID.

So I would pitch to people this fact – I can give you insights on your data, set you up with reports and I won’t charge you $350 an hour. I’ll charge you $500 for a team, and a monthly HOURLY SESSION to tell you what you did right and what you did wrong, and how to do better next month.

That’s it. If you can sell that. That is $500 a month. With this tool, the reporting is done for you. If you are serious about getting this side income, or even adding this as a revenue stream for your SMMA then do this – become a true Social Media Analyst

So how do you set it up.

They give you guides. But really anyone can do this.

Just connect your Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, and Instagram. When you work with the clients, you either get their credentials, or you get your agency added in the Business Facebook accounts and Google Analytics.

Here are some screenshots. But basically, just sign up and try it for yourself. It shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour to figure out, then once you set up the system, you just send them them the PDF or a link to the Dashboard every month



Social Media Analyst - Dashboard 101

03-02-2019 Actual Dashboard from Blendlogic on our business Traffic


Social Media Analyst - Add Integration

Just click Add Integration and Sign In


Social Media Analyst - Dashboard Send them link

Build it once, then send them the link. Review the data with them every month and get that cash


Consider the alternative: These business owners may already have social media – but they are not looking at what is working and what isn’t working. Most people SHOOT FROM THE HIP and just expect things to work. Sometimes they do work, sometimes they don’t.

Trust me – as someone who CARES ABOUT EVERY CLIENT that we bring on, I have seen prospects and LEADS BUSINESSES SHUT DOWN because I failed to show them that they needed analytics. It’s pretty sad, but its the truth about business. If business owners cannot see that this is where the market is, they are going to fail. IT IS YOUR JOB TO SHOW THEM THE LIGHT. You are responsible for providing them insight and inspiration to how they can grow their business.

The alternative to this, is they do HACK BI – and they use Excel documents to try to track everything, try to piece together bits and data or worse…. THEY DONT EVEN LOOK AT THE ANALYTICS…. aka death sentence of a business.

Facebook Insights – Social Media Analyst Hack 2


If a business does not have Facebook, get them on Facebook or feel guilty for the rest of your life that you let that business fail. – Said every Social Media Analyst ever

So how to keep going and get $500 to $1000 a month per client with less than 1 hour of work a month. (This all depends on how fast you can analyze the data of course). USE FACEBOOK INSIGHTS.

It’s pretty straight forward, but you can run a monthly report and give them insight ON TOP OF REPORTZ.IO that would be beneficial to them. Let’s look at my own data.

Social Media Analyst - Facebook Insights 01

Choose Last 28 days, or just do the whole month


Social Media Analyst - Facebook Insights 02

Cry yourself to sleep that you only break 1K views 🙁


Social Media Analyst - Facebook Insights 03

Take a look by view count and the videos that were engaging

How I look at things is pretty simple:

  • Compare this month performance to last months performance
  • Check the Marketing Strategy of Last month compared to this month (I typically don’t change strategies month to month, but Quarterly)
  • Check the Link Analytics per video to see who signed up for the Campaigns

In essence, if you were doing this for a client (and they are already bought in on making videos – if they don’t drop them – TRUST ME) is you will just look to see if they are executing on the strategy and review session that you told them last month.

It doesn’t take that much time/effort to look at this content once a month, and you can simply go into each video and check if your links were working (Link Tracking). Them simply advise them on what the Quarterly Marketing Strategy was, and how they can adjust moving forward in the next month.

EZ PZ. EZ LIFE. THE Social Media Analyst LIFE

If your client is extra boss mode, they will also be using Youtube. Just add that into the review meeting as well. Youtube Analytics is basically the same.


Social Media Analyst - Youtube Insights

Wipe your tears away because Youtube is crushing it


Extra Flashy – Instagram Analytics – Social Media Analyst Hack 1

This one is harder to do, cuz Facebook is a lil punk ass bi*** and they don’t provide any online portal to track analytics.

But if you have good rapport with your client, you can get them to give you their IG Credentials and you can do this for them. (But they don’t have a 28 Day filter so…)

So, the first step is to go into Instagram Insights on your phone and check your clients’ Stats. These screenshots are from Blendlogic’s account

Social Media Analyst - Instagram Insights

How to Use Instagram Insights – Step 1 – Smash that insight button


So an easy way to get data insight is into your marketing strategy is to see how their feed did in the past  30 days. Let’s take a look at my own shit

Social Media Analyst - Instagram Insights - blendlogic

People…. really like basketball. And so do I. So thats dope.

Then you can see the other shit where people didn’t like and just stop doing the shit people don’t like. (To get extra brownie points with your business or client, showcase how you can use CTAs to drive traffic to your funnels – where the real $$$ is made.



What I do and what I recommend – Use this as a easy way to see what Hashtags are gettin gyou views.
So you can see I get decent views from #basektball and #Nba Memes.
On todays videos (on the right) I got some impressions from #skate


So…. probably you guys are thinking… why would someone pay $500 to $1000 a month for an hour of someone who is analyzing data…. (Social Media Analyst)

Well…. when I was working as  BI Consultant – I thought the same thing. Why fuck are they charging $300 for ME (as a consultant) then the second question was why fuck am I not getting paid $300 an hour. I understand the second question now, because as a business owner – you need to save for R&D and cash reserves for a rainy day, and for marketing, infrastructure, insurance etc. (I was so naive back then hahah)

But onto why people would pay that much for an “hour” meeting.

Well – I would have to explain value exchange, sales and psychology and providing INSIGHT for the customer. I’m not going to do that in this post, you will either have to google it or just trust me.

The best advice I can give you is what my CMO Steve Freeman said about 2 months before I quit.

He said it was simple. Hope based on marketing versus fear-based marketing. It’s VERY EASY to sell on FEAR. – (If you don’t do this audit, fuck you, your ass is grass and your company is gonna get fined and you lose SOO MUCH MONEY). It’s slightly more difficult to sell on HOPE – if you get the insight you can take your business to the next level. THE PAYOFF is its much more satisfying  to sell HOPE.

FYI – this is why I didn’t go so much into GDPR and all that stuff when I ran Blendlogic, I just told them they need to do it. Yes I left money on the table, but at least I have peace of mind in selling something I believe in (aka FAITH AND HOPE)

So… that’s my 2 cents on how I operate my business. Yes…  I could just make marketing and tell you that you are 100% fucked if you aren’t tracking your data. But.. I don’t really do that. What I do is tell you is leave you with a quote:

“If You Don’t Know Where You Are, You Can’t Get Where You’re Going”

The next step from this DATA INSIGHT is to sell them on systems of how they can convert their marketing strategies and efforts into generating REVENUE (Lead Conversion strategies, technologies, Facebook Ads etc)

It all works. In fact, it only works if you work (or if your client works)

That’s why I say drop clients if they aren’t about this life. It will be much more heartache for you trying to convince them why they should do something, then if they were already on board just needed extra help.


Your friend,

Alan Nafa