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Have Fun TODAY! – Treat your Life Like an adventure


Today’s talk, I wanted to write out some of my thoughts I had while I was having a road trip across the country with my buddy Matt. During this recorded talk, I wanted to expand on the idea of treating your life like an adventure to give you more motivation into taking action and taking risks to see where life can take you! I wanted to expand on these ideas more fully in this blog write-up

The Mindset  – Treating life like an adventure

After watching what I stated in the video, there was more that I wanted to expand upon in how it has helped me try new things or see what is possible out of life. So what do I mean by treating your life like an adventure?

Well for me, it comes hand in hand with meditative practices to almost become an observer of what your thoughts are and experiences and to be unafraid of the ups and downs that life can throw at you. For me, one of the biggest challenges when first starting off in entrepreneurship was the unknown.

I knew what life was like working, having stable income and working to solve client problems. However, I wasn’t sure what it would truly be like to “make it on my own”. I had all this theory and statistics of what running an agency would be like, of what starting my own business would be like, but I didn’t have first-hand reference points to what it is like. What helped me launch into it was realizing to not have expectations of what life “should” be like – that I should have a job or income – and just be unattached to outcome.  I have found that when you have a passion or discover your passions in life- just jump right in!!! There are no guidelines of how life should be if you find what you want to do or become, put 100% effort into making it happen.

Yes, it is hard making content, editing content, creating blog posts. But when you have the vision and dream of what you want to become you will realize that there is no other way to accomplish it but getting your feet wet!

Having more fun

One of the biggest things I wanted to move away from was “living for the weekend”. When I was working as a consultant, I met alot of people who would work long and hard hours during the week, then go off on the weekends and do as they pleased. However, I found that for most people, they would regret going back to work on Monday and  really were just unhappy with the situation that they had gotten themselves into (Study, college, corporate life)

One of the reasons I have become so passionate about digital marketing is that it allows you to work remotely and help businesses grow and expand from anywhere in the world. For those reading who may be thinking about starting your own agency, I would always keep in mind that as you are learning to solve your client issues or implement certain systems (Facebook Ads + Email marketing etc) that everything you are learning on your laptop/desktop can be done anywhere in the world! As you deliver your clients results, always keep in mind that you are building the freedom and opportunity for yourself to travel remotely and offer value to the world. All you need is internet and a computer.

Always keep in mind that to have fun you also have to work hard. There is another side to life besides just having fun, and that is putting effort and concentration into your craft. Whatever you may decide to be – Fitness coach, basketball trainer, life coach, motivational speaker – there will ALWAYS BE massives amounts of things to learn. But, at a certain point you must move from “theoretical” to real life reference points. You will never know if you can make it without putting yourself out there and seeing if you can.

Lastly, building upon the adventure mindset – when you become less rigid in how you think life should play out, and become more flexible, life just becomes an experience unfolding before you. When it’s time to work and grind, its not a bad thing, nor is it a good thing. It just is and you have to experience it and appreciate the journey that is unfolding before your eyes. Then, when it is time to relax, an experience that and it is neither good or bad, but just another event taking place in your life.

Turning Work into Fun

I believe one of the biggest things that would help people in their life would be to turn their passions into income. One of the first steps in doing that is analyzing how other people have been able to accomplish that in their lives. I have provided some marketing examples and research in other blog posts of how some of my clients have done that with the power of digital marketing. I always start with that, because the first thing that I have found that helped people do that is realizing the potential they have to accomplish it.

After you see the potential and vision, it is committing to the journey and process and realizing there are no shortcuts. I believe that once you can fully internalize that in order to have the life you want, that there IS NO OTHER WAY other than taking massive action. No one will build your dreams for you, you have to build it yourself! Internalizing this, you can train your mind to appreciate work and get into flow state on a consistent basis. From there, you will see that building your business and brand gives you the creative outlet to produce what you want to produce and complete freedom to get your message across!

Conclusion – Having more fun today

All in all, there will be some things you are good at, and some things you are bad at. As a digital marketing agency owner – and thinking about my life experience, I have always been bad at writing and bad at making videos. But I put in the time to practice getting better and work on myself so that I can inspire others to focus on their strengths and make something of their life passions as well. I have found in my agency that analytics and numbers have been my strengths, but I always have the motivation and passion to take my business to the next level and these “weaknesses” must be addressed.


Practice meditation!!! Practice this mindset of life as an adventure and let me know how it works out for you guys!!

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