Almost one year ago today was the last time I made a blog post – Where is the prime cut? Where is the cow poop? and honestly makes me kind of bummed out I haven’t posted more like I wanted to. I think alot of people may relate – setting goals in January only to be gone by March. However this year is different (I hope). What is motivating me is one of the learnings I picked up from the business book Good to Great by Jim Collins. One thought I always had in my mind is the fact that the courts deem businesses as people. AND YET – despite knowing that people always compare themselves to other people, but they never consider comparing themselves to the habits and processes of the top business.

With that being said, I attempted to cover the learnings I took away from the book in form of a Youtube Video linked below:

Good to Great – Jim Collins – Reviewed

There were 3 main points I wanted to cover, but before I go into an AI generated summary below (lol) I wanted to give my person take and essence of what I was trying to convey. In the book Good to Great – Jim states that he spent years researching and finding companies that separated themselves from the pack. He shows direct comparisons of companies like Kroger that rose in stock price versus other grocery brands that went into bankruptcy or just stayed the same. The scientifc methodology is amazing and I think people should read the book themselves but I hope this blog or video help you the reader take action or try to implement the practices themselves.

To summarize a TLDW or TLDR – if you can Confront The Brutal Facts – which boils down to reviewing what you have been doing and ultimately STOPPING the negative things that are impacting you. The companies he reviewed stated that the CEOs at most spent an days reviewing yearly progress, but would only spend at most 15 minutes on the good things they did, then would go into GRILLING themselves in what they could improve. I think this really stuck out to me because alot of the times my life has been “wasted” with some bad habits such as vegging out too much or not being the most productive I could be with that whole Dota 2 addiction lol.


The other main takeaway from the book is in essence the whole point of another book I have to review – The One Thing. I related this concept to literally Sonic the Hedgehog in the video, but his concept is called the Hedgehog Concept. I’ll link a picture below. Essentially when you can find what you can be best in the world at, and you are passionate about it, AND people will pay – you just have to focus on that one activity. This is what all the Great businesses did, and in getting ideas of what to do as a person (or you should consider your life a BUSINESS – and what you produce in your life is your product)

And now for AI – but on a serious note I covered this in my video you gotta check out Exemplary AI if you are trying to improve the speeds and processes of you content and video

How to Make Your 2024 Year a Great One: Lessons from ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins

Hey, folks! Alan here in Cartagena, Colombia. It is my last day of travel, and I wanted to reshoot my intro on how to make your 2024 year a great one instead of just a good one. In this video, I will be sharing the top three main factors that I found from the book ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins.

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Why Listen to the Teachings of Jim Collins? – Good to Great

One of the major questions I ask myself in life is, what separates successful people from the rest? Whether it’s successful entrepreneurs or athletes like Steph Curry, Tom Brady, or Kobe Bryant, there is something that sets them apart. In the book ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins highlights three things that separate million-dollar businesses from billion-dollar businesses. Let’s dive into these factors.

Confronting the Brutal Facts – Good to Great Focus Point

Jim Collins emphasizes the importance of confronting the brutal facts. Successful businesses list out both the positives and negatives they have to face. It’s not just about how much you have accomplished, but also about setting measurable goals and embracing feedback. By acknowledging the reality of your situation, setting goals, and embracing feedback, you can make progress towards a great life.

Jim Collins saying that most top businesses, they list out all the positives, then also list out all the negatives they have to look into. So we’ll go into that. Second thing I’m gonna cover is Sonic the Hedgehog, the hedgehog concept in which Jim Collins states that for your personal life or even for these businesses, if you implement these practices of doing the hedgehog concept, you can, you know, take your life to the next level, which is hopefully being here, going to great.

To implement this in your own life, start by measuring the good and the bad. Focus on reducing the bad things and increasing the good things. Set measurable goals and strive for continuous improvement. Surround yourself with a supportive social circle that motivates you to take action.

The Hedgehog Concept – Good to Great Focus Point

The hedgehog concept, as mentioned in ‘Good to Great‘, asks three important questions: What can you be the best in the world at? What are you deeply passionate about? What drives your economic engine? By focusing on these three areas, you can excel in your chosen field and achieve greatness.

What can you, can’t even speak. What are you deeply passionate about? And lastly, what drives your economic engine? Jokes aside, I really think it’s actually fits into that analogy is that, you know, wherever you are, whether you’re an intrapreneur or entrepreneur, you know, you gotta try to be the best at your craft at one particular thing, and that’s technically all you really need to go in life.

Just like Sonic the Hedgehog, who excels at running and jumping, you can become the best in your craft by focusing on one thing and continuously improving. Find your passion, develop your skills, and align them with what drives your success.

Technology Accelerators

In today’s digital age, technology can be a powerful accelerator in achieving a great life. Notion, an agile methodology, and AI tools like ChatGPT can help streamline your life and increase productivity.

Notion, combined with an agile methodology, allows you to set measurable goals and track your progress. By breaking down your life into sprints and reviewing your achievements, you can stay focused and continuously improve.

ChatGPT, an AI-powered tool, can provide valuable insights and suggestions. Whether it’s generating transcripts, writing content, or getting feedback, AI can be a helpful companion on your journey to greatness.

By leveraging technology accelerators, you can optimize your time, make informed decisions, and achieve your goals faster.


In summary, to make your 2024 year a great one, take inspiration from ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins. Confront the brutal facts, focus on what you can be the best at, and leverage technology accelerators. By implementing these principles in your life, you can turn a good year into a truly great one.

Remember, success is not achieved overnight. It requires dedication, continuous learning, and a growth mindset. Embrace the challenges, set ambitious goals, and never stop striving for greatness.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this blogpost has provided you with valuable insights. If you found it helpful, leave a comment below and consider subscribing to my channel for more content on self-improvement and lifelong learning. Here’s to making 2024 a year of greatness!

Take care and see you in the next video!