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How to get clients – How Gym Leads Fast does it

Let’s take a deep dive as this one agency owner is dominating the fitness niche — and even captured some gym leads here in Evans GA.

Last week, I made a funnel hack for my Facebook Group on a Funnel Hack of Andrew, who sent me ads on how he could help business owners get leads for their business. I wanted to break down what he is doing to generate leads, and also give you an idea of how you can leverage the same techniques to get clients for your agency and your brand.


So the first thing I noticed from the Ad that he had sent me was the business name – Gym Leads Fast. One thing that I have heard when creating a business is to have the name explain the service that you do. If you already have an agency, you can always do a D.B.A (Doing business as) but for the most part, you want to be executing on this. I am not practicing my own advice, as my past two businesses (Blendlogic and Fest) both don’t explain what I do quickly and fast. As I have tested creating ads and split testing even business names, I would say if you are first starting out — to make business under these type of CTA’s, but if you already have content and leads to your existing business – you can just continue to make content.

After doing further research, I wanted to see who was running the company and also noticed he used this same approach when making his first business – Andrew the Social Media Guy. Here again, he is making the association

Let’s take a look at his assets and what his CTA’s are

Leveraging Facebook Banners – Simple CTA for How to Get Clients

So below are the two Facebook Banners that Andrew is using for his Facebook Group profiles.

How to Get Clients - Facebook Banner

In terms of making a banner, you can see the whole point is to notify the clients of what you do and build curiosity based on that statement on how you can help them. There is no need to overcomplicate things, just one sentence of what you can do and

Here, we can see a simple Banner that can be generated in Canva to let viewers know on first glance who you are and what you are about. It is interesting to note that while one CTA refers people to his website — — the banner of the Facebook Group of Gym Leads fast leads to a facebook group.

When comparing the two assets, it’s interesting because the Facebook Group has 2 members, while the Gym Leads Fast website is a funnel with all the right marketing angles to implement.

I would recommend adding some form of CTA to your funnels. Here are an example templates that you can build off of in Canva — if you use these feel free to make a copy for your own funnel

How to get Clients – Conclusion

As always guys, I always create a Youtube version and share with you guys so you can get a video aspect of what to expect. If you want to check it out – feel free to watch it below where I go more in detail on it from a Funnel Hacking aspect.

If you scope out the website you can read each element/section to get an idea of what you need to get for your site. Each site serves as a virtual sales room – in which you want to have¬†Social Proof,¬†Video Testimonial and even text screenshots of people stating your claims are working out for you — just like what

Also, guys, check out my Facebook Group if you want to learn secrets on how to be run a baller marketing agency, live a baller lifestyle and get duffles for ya clients!!!!!

To test out these approaches of how to get clients and also be sure to continue looking at what others are doing so that you can see what is working for you. Obviously, it’s not just one aspect that will help you get a client, but a plethora of testing and integrating these aspects into your business to help you out. These methods are ideas that are all in a lot of online courses, so the teachings I give you are passed on in good faith that you will utilize this information and techniques to help yourself out and pass it along to your clients or anyone else who needs to get more clients/revenue for their business or agency.