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How To Increase Website Traffic

How To Increase Website Traffic

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Whats up guys, Alan Nafarrete here, owner of Blendlogic Designs. I wanted to create this article for you guys so you can see how Google Search is still an underrated tool compared to just Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

In this article, I am going to review two of my clients that I have Facebook Pixel data to share – Jordan Lawley and The PA Platform

Video – How To Increase Website Traffic (YouTube)


Why you want to lead people to your website


While various forms of social media server to grow your brand and exposure, most do not allow you to directly purchase from the platform. Instagram is testing the capability for users to purchase directly from their platform, but that is just rolling out in 2018 and the userbase is limited.

To properly leverage Instagram to grow your brand is to have your CTA Link lead to your website (or preferably a sales page) where people have a chance to see your product offerings you can make the sale and conversion! As you can see below Jordan is currently advertising for a different website, while The PA Platform is directly linking to her site.

Social Media Comparision – Instagram

Jordan Lawley - JLAWBBALL - Instagram Capture June 2018

As you can see, these users have a stark difference in Instagram followers. Jordan almost has 300K Followers, while Savanna has been able to grow her Instagram profile to 10.5K Followers (Which is amazing!)

However, as you will see below, looking at the website traffic shows a high difference in the number of viewers. If we analyze the referral sources, you will see that Google Search (SEO) is still a valuable business tool to aim for to grow exposure to your brand and traffic


Facebook Analytics – Facebook Pixels

For those of you unfamiliar with Facebook Pixel it is a tool you can install on your website to track users (Similar to Google Analytics). One would want to install this on your site so you can do advanced Facebook Marketing Techniques – such as retargeting or customer discovery.

A useful feature of Facebook Pixel is the analytics, where we can see where users came from to our site. Let’s compare the two users below:

Jordan Lawley Facebook Pixel

The PA Platform Facebook Pixel - How to Grow Website Traffic

The numbers were pulled 06.05.2018. You can see that, despite having a lower Instagram following count, The PA Platform is pulling in high volume to the site. If we take a step further and analyze the website sources, we can see that The PA Platform is dominating in various keyword searches related to her market.

(Above – The PA Platform Sources)

(Above – Jordan Lawley’s Sources)

What does it all mean?

So looking at the numbers (and if you haven’t watched the video yet) – Though it may be worth growing your social media brand for sponsorship deals and exposure if your main goal – (which I believe should be) – is to grow traffic to your website. All monetary exchanges will happen on your website.



So How To Increase Website Traffic, and how is The PA Platform doing it? Let’s take a look at SERPSTAT to check the SEO

SERPSTAT – A great tool on How to Increase Website Traffic

So, for those of you unfamiliar with SEO, there are a TON of free resources to leverage and learn. One tool that I use is SERPSTAT, which helps me see what pages are ranking on and how you can research Keywords that you can make your next article about. Let’s compare the Search rankings of Jordan Lawley  compared to The PA Platform

If we look at Jordan’s SERPSTAT aka SEO rankings, we can see that due to the lack of articles/blogs/content on the website, he is not ranking on many VOLUMED Google Searches

Despite ranking #1 in what may seem like a good keyword search (Professional Basketball Training) – however the volume is way too low (20). Additionally, it is quite impressive that he is able to rank that high with such high Competition (Which means alot of people are trying to rank high for this… but this is not the right strategy)

Though this is good for limited article writing, there is much improvement that could be had for his brand (or other basketball trainers) to take full advantage of Google Search

Lets take a look at The PA Platform and then it will become clear How To Increase Website Traffic

As you can see here (and for your SEO Pros – you can see that it’s unoptimized) – The PA Platform is absolutely crushing on Low (1-1000) Google Volume Searches. What is also interesting to note, is because the Competition is low as well – theoretically other PA Blogs, or markets can enter this space and get into the market.  Because the website has so much content written about various subjects and keyword searches, she is able to scrape more traffic from Google Traffic alone (then she later marketed her Instagram channel and now has 10.5K followers)

TLDR – How To Increase Website Traffic

  • Step 1: Leverage SERPSTAT to research keywords that your customers are searching for
  • Step 2 : Look for Low Competition but Decent volume Google Searches (If you find High Volume and Low Competition MAKE AN ARTICLE ASAP)
  • Step 3: Leverage Youtube SEO + Google SEO to combine algorithms of traffic! (Article coming soon!) –
    1 Hour YouTube Live Explainer Here