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Increase your Sales Skills 2019 – 3 Tips for CLOSING

Increase your Sales Skills 2019 - 3 Tips for CLOSING

Tired of having terrible close rates?

So was I. I searched far and wide, scoured the internet and found mentors/coaches/courses all on one subject that could help me CLOSE MORE DEALS. From my years of research, my aim starting with this article and future articles is to help YOU get more sales for your business so you can have that FREEDOM that you have been building towards and deserve.

As I have transitioned my various businesses to integrate a consultant model – I have personally moved away from the services businesses and let my business and coworkers handle the day to day grind of the business. Something I have found PASSION in is helping entrepreneurs and business owners set up and streamline their systems so they can CLOSE.

Whether you need to close more B2B – hire a new candidate or even use this for personal relationship (you can make the connection) CLOSING is a necessary trait that is 100% necessary even though the worlds is heading towards a digitalized age. So without further ado – here my TOP 3 Sales Skills you should include in 2019.

1. Demo skills – My Top ranking Sales Skill

One of the most important skills you can have is being knowledgeable with your product and being able to let the product  SELL itself. I believe sometimes what gets in the way of people closing the deal is trying to manipulate or oversell what a product does.

Let’s take for example Facebook Ads – at the base level, it is simply a new and highly effective way to generate more leads for businesses. It’s that simple – and if you connect with business owners who get the gist of what it does, that is sometimes all you need to know/and or tell people.

For my demonstrations when running Blendlogic Consultants and Architects – my Discovery and Solutions meeting would simply come from showcasing the  backend of Facebook Ads by opening up and showcasing the Ads  Manager functionality – to doing a Zoom Conference webshare to show my screen and just talk about Funnels and Designs.

For  the most part, just put yourself in your prospects shoes.  They haven’t sene this  before – and they want to be shown EXACTLY what you do. Just do what you normally do, but this time  you are SHARING with the prospect your  day to day. There is no need to add anything  other than  what it is.

2. Strategic Prospecting Skills – Sales Skills

The simplest way you can get sales is  POSITIONING. Another simple way to put that – is get referrals. As soon as someone introduces you,  recommends you, or mentions you  – and its not yourself – that  IMMEDIATELY puts some aspect of a positive association in your prospect’s brain.

Other tactics to accomplish this would be to leverage Social Proof in your funnels/demos and also to leverage/establish Authority if  you have no referrals by showcasing your work and being confident in the KNOWELDGE of the product you are selling.

It’s very important to put the reps and sets in when it comes to your sales processes. One recommendation for new business owners is to have a differentiation between who/what contacts your COLD AUDIENCE and who goes in for the CLOSES. In 2019, what I have found the most effective way to handle cold calls/cold outreach is to simply create BLOG ARTICLES – like what you are reading now, and refer to prospects to VALUE DRIVEN articles that they can read at their own time and educate themselves on the NEED they have for their business.

Once you generate enough touch points with that, then you can get your REPS to close prospects who are no longer cold – but Warm Audiences.

3. Value Stacking – Sales Skills

One strategy I learned that has been very effective is utilizing the Value Stack – probably made popular by the Funnel Hacking industry and Russel Brunson’s book.

Going back to its origins, its simply product  bundling. When you are can offer choice (I find 3 packages work best) and then create discounts  that build upon the previous package with higher and higher discounts, this create a NO BRAINER sale of a product in which it makes sense to SAVE MONEY by choosing the highest price package.

For  example – in 2018 my operating rates were the following:

Tier I $9997
Tier II – (Includes Tier I Assets) + $3000 extra assets — Total Price $12,500
Tier III (Includes Tier III Assets) + $3000 extra assets — Toal Price – $14,000

So the math doesn’t add up – but it seems like theya re getting a bigger discount.  An easier way to put that is to look at the discounts. In Tier II – the total discount is $500. ($13,000 – $500 = $12,500). In the Tier III  the Total discount is $2,000  ($16,000 – $2000  = $14,00)

So presenting it this way, gives your packages a way that, if they signed up for individual costs –


Be sure to check out my Ballers Group which explains the concepts in more detail with tons of free training and videos.

I hope that this made sense, I SUCK AT WRITING lol and prefer the “Demo” skills – which is why I make video content and make those Youtube Videos 😛

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