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Montana Road Trip – VBlog Update

Montana Road Trip

Finally got around to editing some of the content for the Vblog.

This day, spent the night at an awesome Hostel right in Kalispell. It was actually a pretty sick place, we had the whole Hostel to ourselves. You can check out the AirBNB here : Kalispell Hostel

Digital Marketing Work

During this trip, did some consultation with David Nurse from the road. You can check out the platform he building on his site:

Overall I would say, I am pretty blessed to be traveling and connecting with people throughout the world. I would have never thought 10 years ago that it would be possible to just work remotely and get paid doing so. However, with how much technology has advanced, there are so many ways to learn and offer value. All you need is a Laptop, a camera, and internet and there is something that you can specialize in to offer value to people watching.

I am getting back into video editing after seeing some awesome footage from Kolder. I had always thought about doing it myself but had always outsourced the videography work for my clients. However, now that I have more time to work on my business full time, it has allowed me more time to hone on my craft on video-editing and also opens up the doors to more travel opportunities if I keep practicing.


Probably, one of the coolest places to view while road-tripping through Montana Road Trip s to check out Glacier. At the time we went, it was still open but there were a lot of road closures. That is something to keep in mind when traveling the country or visiting national parks – Weather.

There were definitely a lot of cool views and pictures to get if you like epic scenery. IF you are planning a Montana Road Trip, this is definitely a place to stop

Montana Road Trip Pictures

Glacier - In Montana Long drive in Montana Some views from the Road Trip in Montana


So that wraps up my time in Montana, Really, when you are road tripping you don’t get ot see too much of the country, but I am lucky to have this experience to see the coutnry!



Interested in starting a travel lifestyle?

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