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Fitness Journal 09.2015

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Fitness Journal 09.2015

Sep 6, 20151 comment

Comparing Supplements

I have decided to test this month the following supplements to measure my energy levels for this month.

The following will be tested:

  • WheatGrass – Taken as shots from the Omega J8004
  • PurBlack – Received from Amazon. – Website
  • Cumin Oil – Purchased from Amazon – Link


The following will be taken as the procedure for the supplements. Wheatgrass will be prepared upon 10 minutes of waking up. Energy levels throughout the day will be measured. At noon a mix of Cinnamon, Cumin Oil and Pur Black tea will be created.  The data will be uploaded and measured on this post.

Additional metrics to be recorded

  • Sleep
  • Workout Energy
  • Energy Levels throughout the day
  • Meals/Calories Taken
  • Meditation

The intention of these post will be to analyze and recommend specific supplements as they applied to my life.

09.06.2015 – 09.12.2015

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