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Sony 50mm 1.8 Review vs Kit Lens

Sony 50mm 1.8 Review (SEL50F18)

Hey, whats going on guys,

Hope you enjoy my Sony 50mm 1.8 review (SEL50F18). I don’t typically do lens reviews, but I just got this new one and wanted to provide my thoughts from a Digital Marketing perspective for those of you interested in the lens or where to start to start making your own Agency or own channel. This is a basic overview, as I feel most people getting into videography or photography for your clients will not necessarily need to know the ins and outs of photography, but just know the basics so that you can produce quality imagery for your clients or for your own channel! Check out the video above to see some example photography shots and video shots and I go into more detail on the zoom and aperture and how it affects the end product.

In short, I think the major thing to know when first starting out is what the Zoom means (50mm) and how it affects your shot and then what the Aperture means (1.8) and how that affects your shot.

Sony 50mm 1.8 review –  Sample Shots – SEL50F18

Sony 50mm 1.8 review

Sony Kit Lens Review – Sample Shot

From the two images, you can see that the Sony 1.8 mm is able to have more Lens Blur which is due to the lower aperture of the lens. For my setup, I film in a small-ish studio room, so you may also want to consider how the 50mm zoom affects your overall framing. In order to get yourself (or subject) into the shot, you would have to place the camera device much further than what you have in your Lens Kit.



So that wraps up the Sony 50mm 1.8 review. I compared it with the Lens Kit that comes with your camera, and as you can see, Unless you are doing serious photography at a lot of outdoor events, you can accomplish similar quality of shots from your Lens Kit. The added bokeh compared to the lens kit is nice, but for most content, you will produce for your own channel or clients channels (Interviews, Brand Stories etc) You will be fine with sticking to the lens kit.


TLDR – Sony 50mm 1.8 review

  • For home office shooting/ VBlog Content – Would not recommend. Zoom is too much
  • For B- Roll Content – Could be useful if you have enough room in the shot to appropriately space the camera so you can capture the subject
  • Purchase Link — Amazon


If you want to see the end product of the Lens Kit you can check out these links to see how I have implemented it for my agency