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Before I started my journey in Digital Marketing, was able to work from anywhere in the world, travel various places and established my passive income streams…

All I wanted to was just hoop it up with my friends, see the world and spend more time with my family.

But there was one problem… my mindset

See, growing up (with Filipino Parents especially) the engrained in me the answer was to go to school, get good grades, then become a doctor. I understand where this comes from, as my Mom is a Pediatrician, and naturally, she would want to suggest things that worked for her for her son.

But as I got older, and went my own path, I realized that was not the plan that I wanted for myself

I spent quite some time searching for purpose, for the answer. It was pretty brutal and took years of inner reflection. I thought… maybe money is the answer. Just make a bunch of money. I had read a study that said that 75K was the income to happiness. When I first hit that working as a consultant… it didn’t drastically change my life experience. I realized that as I worked and traded time for money, I would never escape the rat race. Everyone around me just had the same mentality – Live for the weekend. Just make money than have your 6 PM to yourself to do your hobbies, have the weekends to enjoy for your leisure.  I didn’t buy it… there had to be another way… then luckily… through the grace of social media…

I connected with my first mentor Jordan Lawley, who also was one of my first clients, showed me first hand what was possible to in the “online game” He was working with Basketball clients throughout the world, built up a huge Instagram following, and got to share his love of basketball and find ways to monetize it. When you meet someone in person – seeing it live is just something that becomes inspiring to me. Then I got deep into the world of digital marketing and realized that everyone could do it too! It just takes time, dedication and passion. So I dropped the corporate world and went FULL FLEX into this “online thing”.

And… it was pretty brutal. Things were slow. There was definitely the pain period. But luckily through mentors, online quotes and positive attitude I remembered this quote that stuck in my mind

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons” Jim Rohn

See, there is only one way to fail. That is when you give up. With this mindset, and the help of other mentors I met along the way I was able to create a lifestyle that I had always wanted. But one of the best things I found so far in my journey is helping people find their “aha moment”. Of all the ups and downs of my journey so far, helping people spark their flames of passion has been the most gratifying