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Grand Tetons Rant – How to Travel for a Living and Turn Hobbies Into Passion


How to Travel For a Living

After diving into the digital marketing world, I have connected with and learned ALOT of ways you can make money the “non-traditional” way (aka 9 to 5). I have tried Forex, CryptoCurrency (Mining and Investing) and now what I do full time running my digital marketing agency. Two of the top questions I get asked the most

  1. How To Travel for a Living
  2. Should I turn my Hobbies into a Living?


I am making this post now (weeks after making my rant on it from Grand Teton) to inspire you guys to dive deep into how to leverage digital marketing opportunities to live the life that you want to live.

Learn SEO

In my post about Website Traffic I look into how The PA Platform is generating website traffic from Google Search Traffic. Using SERPSTAT – we see that despite not being fully SEO Optimized, Google still ranks her site Rank #1 on various of search terms.

Several tools can help you create SEO Optimized Posts, the one I use for my clients and for my own brand is WebTextTool. Creating an SEO Optimized Article is just one part of the job, the other part is getting backlinks. That requires #HUSTLE.

Network with other bloggers/online forums in your niche and ask for guests posts or if they could feature your article! As you build up your business, you can continually monitor your progress and look for increased website traffic

Consulting – Give People What They Want

Another way that people are able to work remotely and Travel is by consulting with people who want to do what you are doing!

As you guys dive into the digital marketing world, Chances are you will come across ClickFunnels and
Russel Brunsons Book : The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online
If you haven’t read it yet, STOP NOW and check it out. One of the most important chapters I read, and that a lot of entrepreneurs will go through is thinking you have to be AN EXPERT or A MASTER in order to add inspiration, motivation and value to peoples lives. You only have to be ONE STEP Ahead.

As you grow in your Digital Marketing journey, you will realize the immense value that you can provide by showing people the systems and strategies that others are using to grow their businesses. Whether its Sales Funnels, Copywriting, Scripting help, You name.

Tying this back to How To Travel For A LivingAs I show in my blog, I document how I would take calls for my clients FROM ANYWHERE IN THE US – and hopefully soon from anywhere in the WORLD. We live in a new world where all you need to add value is a phone, a laptop, and internet connection. Show people how they can grow their business and LEAD BY EXAMPLE.


There are a lot of ways to set up a business/system that makes money while you sleep. But none of the methods will work unless you put in the HOURS/DAYS/MONTHS to set up the system so that they will work. Perhaps the easiest one to jump into is becoming an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

You use products all the time! You probably refer them to your friends and family already! Something you can do is send them an affiliate link of the product that you are using yourself – since you are raving about it anyways!

Once you combine that with Digital Marketing, you will realize that you can start developing a channel and series on products you love so that you can earn a small % off of that recommendation.

NETWORK – Reach Out To People Already Doing It!

I am by no means traveling for a living. But I have reached out to those doing it on Instagram. Technology has allowed for anyone in the world to connect and Pick Their Brains on how they did it

For example, my girlfriend recently tagged me in a post from AWritingNomad on Instagram. Curious on how he got to travel so much, I sent him a DM and setup an interview so I could get to know what he did and how he got there. He started off by Providing Value – Being a Copy Writer – realized that he could do it remotely, and eventually got picked up by XamanAdventures to be a full time Photographer.

The biggest takeaway I want you having from this article is that PEOPLE WANT TO HELP and inspire others to do the same. Reach out to anyone, and eventually you will get a response. Be Hungry, Stay Motivated and reach your people!

How to Travel for A Living – TLDR

  • Learn a Valuable Skill – Digital Marketing
  • GO DEEP into it. Then teach others how to do the same (Consulting)
  • Setup Passive Revenue Streams
  • Network as much as possible

Thats all I got on How to Travel for A Living. For more digital marketing tips check out this blog and my agency’s website Blendlogic