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Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado

Jun 18, 2015Travel1 comment

Denver Collorado

June 9 – June 13 2015

Garden of the Gods

During my trip to Denver Colorado, I traveled to various places including Garden of the Gods. This spot is a must see if you like an easy stroll exploring some natural rock formations.  These massive rock formations were created millions of years ago along a natural fault formation.  The hiking trails were not too difficult, and you can easily scale the rocks. Unfortunately, they do not let you climb the rocks unless you have a valid rock climbers permit and gear.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

After Garden of the Gods, we checked out the Red Rocks Amphitheater. This was a pretty awesome venue, with plenty of seating, with about 800 people in attendance. The venue was Film on the Rocks, and they were showing Stanley Kubricks The Shinning! Shining. The movie was quite long, and leaving would have been a pain but we left early.

Hanging Lakes


Mile Bike Ride

Mile Vertical Hike to Hanging Lake

Useless Number Counter

Arapahoe basin

Was pleasantly surprised to be able to snowboard in the middle of July. Arapahoe Basin was open to the public and we were able to board the last two days of the season. I dont have any pictures taken from me because unfortunately I failed at pond skimming. I had no idea how to do it, but people at Denver made it look easy. You can check the video below to see what its all about.

Long story short, I didnt even get close, and phone got wet and I lost all my photos. Sad day 🙁