Its been almost two months since my last entry? Where has the time gone?

Since January, we spent Feburary getting surgery on Michelles leg, and this past March starting recovery, resting and planning for travel again .

Looking back at it TODAY – sitting on the couch and writing this blog – truly none of Michelle’s injury hampered me from doing things that could open an alternate revenue stream for my business. Those things being:

  1. Blendlogic Tech Youtube – buy a laptop, record games and my thoughts on it, make a week later review, then return and or keep it
  2. Alan Nafarrete Youtube – so far has been travel thoughts, but could also build off things that I’ve considered mimicing on my Notion list (Notion List)
  3. blog – writing about whatever

As I write it, I can clearly see, nothing is truly impacted by Michelle having a broken ankle.

With that said, I’m putting in another entry, because I just finished a 2 mile walk on the belt line and listened to some self-improvement Youtube content and one of the main focuses and questions of the video was….


Mmmm Meat

I love Ribeye Steak

Ask my friends, I really do .

At the farmers market — I look for the Ribeye cuts and like eating it. Besides Ribeye, other prime cuts could be like Filet Migon. In fact, one of my first clients Jordan Lawley — JLAWW!!!! — used to say in his post workout speeches — its all about Filet Mignon. Why? – Because we TRIM THE FAT — we cut the fat out in your basketball moves and you go right to the goal — GETTING BUCKETS

Now tying back to where is the prime cuts and self help…. well the question I pose is this:

Where is the prime cuts? — Where? Where are they in your life.

A quote went like this “When its time to eat, and its time to eat the cow – some people eat the poop, some people eat the hooves, and some people eat the prime cuts. They want the ribeye. They want the Filet Mignon”

So… it got me thinking on my walk… what am I eating… where am I eating the cow poop? Where am I eating the prime cuts

The Cow Poop Diet

What is the cow poop in your life? As it was described in the video – are things that WASTE TIME — SUCK YOU IN AND DONT GIVE YOU VALUE, no nutrients in your life, nothing. I have a couple off the top of my head that I probably need less of.

Mindless Reddit Browsing – or the infinite scroll media. Like TikTok, Instagram reels , anything where it just is an infinity pool of content. Maybe if you have a curated content feed, you could get good reels, good reddit articles – lets say you browse self improvement – or those self improvement posts. But I do find that after alot of the “media friendly” self improvement content – it all just comes down to stop being lazy and do the thing you want to do. Probably the best thing to look into is the 5 second rule, or just do something within 5 seconds of action.

Video Games – I enjoy this one alot, but overall could supplement this time sync with breaks and working on things that could help my life. Now, don’t get me wrong – most of my gaming now is with my friends. For the most part, if my friends aren’t on – I’m not really gaming. My friends used to game ALOT on Dota 2 – but now we chill out kind of more on other games. But if you are reading this and your a gamer, well one thing you can look at is your Steam Profile and check the hours spent on the games.

It’s truly crazy sometimes the amount that people sync into a game. Take a newer game Dark Tide. People are leaving reviews that its a bad game – but then you see the hours they spent in the game — 100 hours.

100 hours is straight up like A WEEK — of gaming– or ONE MONTH 9-5. AKA – they have spent one month gaming that video game WORKING hours — 20 days if on a 9-5 basis. You know how long 9-5 is…. for me and someone who works remote – A LONG TIME. Imagine how bored you get at work….. then you browse the internet / browse tiktok, browse Instagram to waste time to get to 5PM.

Where are my prime cuts in my life – and what could be tasty to eat!

Now, I need to reframe my mind after writing these blogs, and think about where things are going good in my life.

Remote life – being able to travel and check out all the places I have been has been awesome. This May we are going to Norway, then June & July we got two road trips planned, one with friends who are moving to Dallas, and one with some family who want to explore Texas.

Before COVID, starting Blendlogic was ALL about being able to do what I wanted to do and at any time. Now with COVID, yes there is still a risk of spreading covid, getting Covid, but for the most part over the last 2 years, I’ve been able to work remote, see some cool things and just get exposure to nature.

Now… am I fully resonating with the nature and outside… im not too sure. Sometimes I think my body-brain-mind just can’t resonate with it… maybe I like eating the poop too much in my life. One thing that doesn’t help is not having good memory. All the trips I’ve done, I forgot the details, the specific things… perhaps I need to try to be present to the moment more during my travel times.

Then again, its very quick and easy to browse the internet, browse reddit – but to be able to travel you need certain finances and setup (good paying job and remote job) to be able to do it and its not accessible to everyone.

I do overall thing – Nature, remote life and being out and about is a PRIME CUT in my life.

Social Life, Friends, Relationship — another good Prime Cut in my life is the friends I have in my life. It’s always cool to just be able to catch up, chill, go out to eat or just hang out and about with friends, family, and of course my wife. One thing I truly appreciate is the lack of drama, most things are just chill. Go out to eat, hangout, watch a movie and just chill. Maybe even go out and explore the other prime cuts in life — like go hiking, nature trails or stuff like that.

Where can you get more prime cuts in life

I think on a very high level on hearing this prompt today on my walk, one thing to consider is just to segment your activites like I hae done in this blog. Think about what takes up most of your time, and classify it into cow poop or ribeye meat. What are you doing thats just junk food for you , LITERALLY SHIT EATING, versus what is getting Ribeye. What is the nice juicy steak in your life and how can you strive in life to avoid the cow poop, and work towards getting more ribeye in your life.

Of course, I have a bias, and a frame from marketing that not all these thigns are just good because “the world” says it is. Video games aren’t bad just because I reflected on it, and the mass media says its bad. Its one of hte activities that I’ve spent with my core group of friends thats “easy” to do, can get competitive, and is an activity that can keep us in touch. Just like playing basketball or sports — but video games is easier to get into, where as sports, you have to group people together, have drive to the gym and people are at different levels in sports and athleticism.

The same goes for my positives, I say remote life is good, but some people can’t work these kinds of jobs. Back when I was trying to do Entrepreneurship – and saying ANYONE could do it, well I failed in making a website design company and later pivoting into marketing analysis and social media agency and got little clients and little income COMPARITIVELY to the money I could be making in consulting. Now at the time, I did have the “freedom” of remote life, because I could stay inside all day, make content, interview people on zoom and try to make shit happen – outreach online to people.

BUTTTTTTT, it wasn’t a consistent paycheck – like working corporate could be ~ and having enough money for health insurance and PTO — aka days you could not work on your business and still make business.

Now of course things are better because remote life employment took over, so i can get the best of both worlds, get to travel and explore more of the world, and still make decent, dare I say even MORE money then when I first quit.

But not everyone had the prior education in College to transfer into this… or phrased differently, appear to be able to be employable for consulting and get hired. Unfortunately the corporate world wants to see a nicen degree from a good college, and not everyone has that opportunity. Sadly, I also find Corporate America (in my opinion) to be very non-challenging, pretty straight forward that I think a lot of people could probably do. Then ago, I need to give myself more credit, because I tend to think people will just do what’s necessary… yet I don’t take my own advice and make a YouTube and a blog in all my free time.

So, I leave you with this, at its core – just make a pros and cons list of things that take up your time. Yes Cow Poop and Ribeye diet are obviously STATE BREAKING activities , just a way tot make you think of the simple concept you should probably do. Think about why things are good and bad, and where can you take strides to get more good and have less bad.

ALSO what you should do is decide for yourself if something is good and try to be objective about it. Traveling is good… but its also JUST OK. Maybe thats just my mindset. There are strengths to building a nest egg, a home to build a family, maybe grow equity in owning a home and building real estate revenue. Even thinking about my ideas of doing Youtube or a blog, its all for INCOME. Is money good? Idk just something to think about. More money has been helpful. Hopefully for some people, it hasn’t come with more responsibilities and restrictions that hurt your overall view in life.

What else could I have done… these pats two months…. eat more cow poop or eat more ribeye….more video games or more travel. More TikTok or more ways that I can get income passively. Choices…. choices. Cow poop or ribeye… What to choose…. what to choose. 💩